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Friday, November 28, 2008[:
Back To Me. ♥


11:36 PM ♥

Back To Me. ♥

Went backkkkkk school :3 Bought my next year's textbook. Nehneh, all so thick de. Gonna die from it i thinkkk. Went back home, audi & audi. Till ard 2 plus. Knew tht brother got his car lic, congrats ! [: So, he went to pick up grandma frm her house. Mummy, me, grandma & brother went Hougang mall, Aijisen for lunch. Send grandma back home. We headed to changi airport. Mummy wanted to get something frm thr. Lazy walk ard, stay inside car with brother. He's like, damn retard. Drving rounds & rounds. Cause the police shoo him away at th pick up pointtt. So, he went in and out of th car park. Cause go in few minutes no need pay. Lol, than he spin ard agn. Go until 120/s. Sibeh song /: When mummy's done. Brother send us to ceni, saw jessnike daddy & some other sch mates. Bought some assesories frm divaaaa. :3 Cause i got some kuku vouchers. Walked to wisma. Actually wanted to get tht pair of shoe, but no stock ): Shall get it th other time :3 Mummy went find friends, i mai tag along, so went home. Walked to mrt, sawRyan. And daddy's barking like mad agn._.

I'm sorry if my attitude or mood affects you. I just had some arguements with daddy ya? Hope you understand ba. I just need some time to be alone first. I'll talk to you very soon. [: You, smile too(: Cause, i'm trying.

As for a guy, to you. I don't think tht will much affects you if you were to be in my shoe. Take it as i petty, take it as i selfish, take it as everything's my fault. I guess, i've hurt you by some mean words, sorry. But seriously, is nt i petty. I guess is i've fallen for you.

7:51 AM ♥

Wednesday, November 26, 2008[:
Back To Me. ♥

Meet shannen at compass mrt thr. Paiseh uhs, was like 20 minutes late. Trained to dobby ghuat, waited for 3 train to pass, ( the one to orchard ) cause silver sister never reply or answer our call. So we asume she's gonna be damn late. Fourth train came, thn we go up. Cause very sians. Went heeren first. Both of us hungry, went over to ceni lesuire for lunch, kfcccccccc. Shop ard ceni. Shop finish, went bck heeren wait for silver sister. She reached ard 2 plus._. She cannot find her dress thr. Went to wisma, she wanted to buy wallet. But was out of stock too. She so un-lucky /: Shop at wisma, for her dress. Nice, but not cheap either. After wisma, went far-east. Shannen do extension, purple colour de. So coolzx [: Continue for silver's dress, but thr wasn't any. Sad yeahs ? Lol. She went for her music class, me & shannen headed home.

Leg full of blister D':

8:00 PM ♥

Tuesday, November 25, 2008[:
Back To Me. ♥

Went choir practise today. [: Stared at 1.30, but i was 15 mins late. Silver sister sibeh pro. Choir ends at 5pm, she came only at 4.10pm. Lol. Cause she woke up late. Never sing, cause having sore throat. Me & shannen both sitting thr, chit-chat[: After choir, out of school. Rain so big._. Bag whole thing wet D': Silver, Shannen & Me went to pp. Have dinner thr. Saw blandon son, carlos grandson & darren brother at pp toos. Carlos tell me daphne daughter ard punggol area. So ring her up & told her i was at pp. She & nicolette kuku came find me[: Miss them luhrs :D Had a chat thr, walked to bus-stop with shannen & walked home.

4:52 AM ♥

Monday, November 24, 2008[:
Back To Me. ♥

Went tampanies mall with cousin, esther. Finallyyyy got my m)phosis bag ! [: Actually, all outlets all no more stocks le, but i call one outlet by one outlet. & I'm so lucky tht th last outlet i called got a reserve de. But the coustermer never take within one day. So they sold it to me. Heees[: Continue to shop. Tampanies mall 'bit bored luhrs. Went over to century square cause cousin want buy shoe. Bought her shoe, went to s'pore post, she wanted to send thing to someone, but she never ask for the address ._. & Her friend nvr reply her. So, trained to dobby ghuat. Cousin went to take her shoe. She mad de, one day buy so many pair of shoes._. Shopped ard, she got herself one top. Plaza sing also very sian luhrs, mummy ask me go compass meet her. So trained back to compass. Waited for mummy & daddy to fetch me. Go sambawang fetch my brother from wrk. They wanted to go home bath & change luhrs. If nt brother cnn't smoke in his uniform. So went home, they changed & whole family out for dinner at plaza sing, The Cafe Cartle. I had fish & chip & a orea cheese cake for dinner. The cheese cake, is damn nice de okayzx ! [: Thanks brother for th treat.

2a3 peeps, imy guys :D

7:06 PM ♥

Sunday, November 23, 2008[:
Back To Me. ♥

Went vivo with sokping, mummy, small aunt & grandma. Shop shop, bought a top from tang. Cost my mummy 80 bucks /: Lols, thanks hor mummy. Continue shop, bough a shorts from red2, also quite exp luhrs. Actually wanted to get my m)phosis bag, but out of stock. The sale's person say won't stop publishing de. :D So yeah, will get it as soon as possible. Nth else really caught my eyes, so bought two stuffs only.Daddy came over & find us than we went to TheChickenRiceShop for dinner. After dinner & went home, tired. D': bitch...bitch...bitch... bitch... bitch... bitch... bitch... bitch... bitch... bitch... bitch... bitch... bitch...
Everything also want copy -'- Get your own style la, bitch.

6:56 PM ♥

Saturday, November 22, 2008[:
Back To Me. ♥

Early morning, grandma came over again._. This whole week, come caocao 5 times le -.-' Guess she love my house too much yeahs ? Or maybe she miss me too much /: Went northpoint find cousins.Weeann & sokping. Ddr ! :D Dance alot time. Nw learning candy tht song, heavy de._. Never pass till, ): Ard 5 plus, went to cousin's house. Now using his comp. Going nephew's birthday soon ! :D His one year old birthday. Try to get some pictures & hopefully will be able to post. Cause will celebrate till ard mid-night time. Hmmms. [:

2:13 AM ♥

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Gucci's handphone strip.
Anna sui's wallet.
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More tops.
Black flats.

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